laredo petroleum company

Our History

Since our founding we have sought new and better ways to responsibly produce energy to sustain our world.

The Vital Ethos

Our company was founded in 2006 as Laredo Petroleum. Since our earliest days we’ve focused on something much greater than producing hydrocarbons. Driven by constant innovation and a limitless mindset, we aim to set the example in our industry for what’s possible in providing more sustainable and abundant energy – the energy vital to helping people live better, healthier and more prosperously. This focus is why in 2023 we changed our name to Vital Energy. It’s only fitting. Bringing vitality to human lives has always been the soul of our company. And always will be.

Our purpose, reflected in our logo

Hear our President and CEO Jason Pigott illuminate the meaning behind the Vital Energy logo and how it represents our determination to go beyond base energy needs to embolden people to pursue their greatest ambitions.