independent energy company

We are Vital Energy

Our new name demonstrates our commitment to bringing sustainable and abundant energy solutions to all.

Energizing Lives

Vital Energy is committed to energizing human potential. We explore, acquire and develop energy-producing assets and technologies in pursuit of powering people in sustainable and abundant ways.

Our CEO talks about the meaning behind our name

President and CEO Jason Pigott shares why Vital Energy was the perfect choice to become our new name and how it is the embodiment of our purpose.

Growth, Evolution and Expansion

There’s no end to what we can achieve. At Vital Energy, we’re committed to building a resilient and prosperous business that consistently delivers great returns.

Going Beyond

We go beyond industry ESG standards to make good on our commitments to all stakeholders

independent energy company

Ingenious and Inspiring Solutions

Our solutions are built on years of experience. We’re passionate about what we do.

A Place To Grow

We believe in emboldening each employee to go after their wildest dreams and desires. Here, you have a place to grow into your full potential.