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Our business is dedicated to creating a world where everyone is powered in sustainable and abundant ways.

Vital Energy

We exist to energize human potential

Vital Energy develops high-quality acreage in the Permian Basin. Our operations focus on profitably producing plentiful energy in an environmentally responsible manner – the energy that drives progress and sparks new possibilities for all people.

*As of 12/31/23

How being unbiased unleashes boundless progress

Vital Energy’s values are to be Unafraid, Unshakeable and Unbiased. Hear our President and CEO Jason Pigott talk about the freedom gained from being unbiased and how it leads to better answers.

Our E&P Approach

In every aspect of our operations, we strive to optimize capital efficiency, so we can develop more assets, provide more jobs and bring more energy to the world to positively impact more lives. We continually refine our portfolio of holdings, acquiring acreage with high oil cuts and divesting lower-margin assets. We seek to create efficiencies in our approaches to drilling, completions, crews, materials, transport and all other facets of our business. In the end, Vital Energy produces something beyond oil and gas. We create value, for our stakeholders, and for every human empowered by the energy we help to bring forth.

High productivity, every acre

Vital Energy acquires and develops oil and gas resources in the largest and most productive hydrocarbon region in the world, the Permian Basin. We focus on this thriving area because it best meets our goal to make energy plentiful and accessible to humanity, responsibly, over the long term. While our current holdings are fully within the Permian, our acquisition and development strategy considers all high-margin assets that can help sustain our business and fuel our purpose.

Better decisions through digital

Vital Energy embraces digital transformation like no other company in our space. We believe the potential for profound progress in our industry is limitless. This is our mindset. And it has spurred us to make several high-impact advancements. A few highlights include:

Dynamic Routing | Using AI algorithms, we optimally route lease operators to the highest value opportunities in the field.

Emissions Prevention | Computer vision and thermal cameras detect flaring and venting events, prompting fast remediation and prevention of further releases.

Optimal Chemical Usage | Water rates are fed to the cloud and IoT devices automatically adjust chemical injection rates.

ESP Well Optimization | AI algorithms automatically adjust back pressure, pump speed and other settings to maximize production and well life.

These are just the beginning. We see immense opportunities to harness the power of data to drive efficiencies and improve decision-making, so we can produce more energy in better ways to sustainably power our planet. In fact, this area warrants so much focus that we formed Vital Energy Technologies, a subsidiary charged with innovating the future of our company, and in many ways our industry.

See how powering humanity is also a powerful driver for shareholder value and growth.

Explore how we produce vital resources in sustainable, responsible and empowering ways.

Witness how a limitless mindset inspires everything from how we lead to how we engage our communities.